The reasons why the Housing Market WILL NOT crash in 2023.

If you look at history you see that human behavior seems to follow all the same predictable patterns. If you want to know what tomorrow brings, you simply have to review the past.

Our economy is complex and many find it hard to predict but by looking at past events we can more easily map the future.

What do Interest Rates tell us about the Economy?:

Most of us think Low interest rates are a good thing. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Low Interest rates might be great for us personally but low interest rates are a bad sign for the economy.

Let me explain it this way, think of Interest Rates as the Heart Beat of the Economy. When a heart beat goes too low the heart goes into cardiac arrest. Likewise when a Heart Beat gets too high it over stresses the heart. Both situations can be fatal. A healthy heart functions safely in the middle.

The same is true for interest rates. A healthy economy supports interest rates that are right in the goldy-locks zone. Not too high, and not too low.

If Interest Rates are too low it means the economy is dying and drastic measures are being taken to bring it back to life. Likewise high interest rates mean the economy is going too fast and is threatening fatal exhaustion.

Econ 101 – Supply and Demand = Price:

Basic economics explain that price is determined by Supply vs. Demand. If Supply is strong prices go down. If demand is strong prices go up. The same holds true in real estate. When there are too many homes for sale prices will fall. When too many buyers come to market prices will rise.

So where are we going:

In the next two parts of this series we’ll look at the past and I’ll give you the top reasons why the housing market WILL NOT crash in 2023.

Part 1 of Why the Housing Market WILL NOT Crash in 2023

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