Is your Retirement what you dreamed it would be?

Neither was Jim and Linda’s. The California they grew up in and raised their children in is long gone. Crime, the cost of living and homelessness were making life miserable they had to get out.

How did they do it?

Jim and Linda sold their home in California. They moved to Southern Utah and bought a new home with a Reverse Mortgage.

Did it work?

Now Jim and Linda own a beautiful new home in a neighborhood they love. Because they used a Reverse Mortgage, they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank and don’t pay a monthly mortgage payment.

What are they doing now?

When I talk to them now, Linda tells me about their trips. She gets to dip her toes in the sand on a hot Caribbean beach, visit art museums in amazing cities and squeeze her grandkids on a regular basis. Jim brags about golfing daily in fresh morning air and playing pickleball with his friends 3 times a week.

Is your retirement a dream or a Nightmare?

You’ve worked for retirement your whole life. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. A Reverse Mortgage could be the key to doing the things you really want to be doing.

Trevor Carlson

President – Equity Conversion Specialist

Heritage Reverse Mortgage


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