What is a HECM Refinance? AKA a HECM to HECM Refinance?

Most people don’t know that a Reverse Mortgage can be refinanced. A Reverse Mortgage is like any other mortgage. If we can improve the terms of a Reverse Mortgage we can refinance it.

Why Refinance a HECM?

Financial Products are meant to make life better for people. Reverse Mortgages are one of the best Retirement tools available for making life better. We look to refinance Reverse Mortgages when we can:

  • Lower the interest rate and protect more of the home’s equity.
  • Access additional funds from the home for the owner to draw and use in retirement.
  • Add a new spouse to extend the Reverse Mortgage benefits to a new loved one.

What does it take to Refinance a HECM?

The process to refinance is pretty much the same as your original Reverse Mortgage. It involves:

  • Pulling a Credit Report
  • Gathering documents to verify income and identity
  • Ordering a Title report and appraisal
  • Some things like HUD counseling may be waived in some cases to streamline the process.

What does it cost to refinance?

Most of the fees paid on the original Reverse Mortgage will transfer to the new loan so you won’t have to pay them again. But things like title and appraisal fees must be paid any time you do a new mortgage.

Every company is different but for most of our client’s we offer a low no-cost option where we’ll cover part and in many cases all of the closing costs associated with the new mortgage depending on the loan amount.

You need to call us!

If you or someone you love has a Reverse Mortgage YOU NEED TO CALL US and review your options for refinancing. Interest rates are at all-time lows and values are at record highs. Now is the best time to Refinance your Reverse Mortgage.

Trevor Carlson

President – Reverse Mortgage Specialist

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