There is a lot of buzz going around about HECM Reverse Mortgages lately. Southern Utah is among the hot spots where this product is beginning to take off. Cities like St George, Cedar City, Washington, Ivins, Santa Clara, and Hurricane are seeing more and more people who are discovering the freedom and flexibility that only a HECM Reverse Mortgage can provide in retirement. In my experience, these are the top 3 reasons you SHOULD consider a HECM Reverse Mortgage to make your life better.


Imagine that! You buy the home of your dreams or refinance your current home and for the rest of your life, you’re never required to make another mortgage payment. What would you do with that kind of freedom? See the world, visit your family, master pickleball, or maybe just kick back by the pool?

2. Cash Lump Sum

For those who are refinancing an existing mortgage, in instances where there is sufficient equity in the home, the homeowner has the option of pulling out a lump sum of cash at closing. That money can be used on anything they want. This could go a long way to help alleviate debt or just give some peace of mind in having a nest egg to sit on.

3. Line of Credit

Another fantastic option for remaining equity in the home is a line of credit. Much like a credit card this line operates off of the equity in your home. It can be charged up and paid off as you need it. Additionally, any unused portion of the line appreciates at an adjustable rate that is currently around 5.6%. That means that if you have $200,000 of unused credit at the end of next year the line will jump to $211,200, year two will jump to roughly $223,500, and so on until you actually access that money.

A HECM/Reverse Mortgage may not be the best option for everyone. Thus you should do your research and make sure you’re working with a true Reverse Mortgage Specialist. I’ve found that when we’ve paired the right clients with a Reverse Mortgage it absolutely changes their lives. Additionally, it gives them incredible freedom and peace of mind.

Call me today, let’s talk about whether a HECM Reverse Mortgage is a right option for you or someone you care about.

Trevor Carlson

President – Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Heritage Reverse Mortgage


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