I wish I had done a Reverse Mortgage for my dad. My dad passed away on Dec 22, 2010, and hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Over the years as I’ve remembered fishing, camping, or going to the movies with my dad one thought comes to my mind. “I wish I had done a Reverse Mortgage for my dad.” You may think that’s strange but let me explain.


When my grandparents passed away, technically speaking they were millionaires. They left a decent inheritance along with a home that was paid free and clear to my dad and his siblings. My dad had been living in the home to care for them so it was natural that he buy out the siblings and stay in the home. I was new in the mortgage industry at the time and didn’t know anything about reverse mortgages so to pay his siblings off we did a standard cash-out refinance which paid off the siblings and left my dad enough to buy a new truck and travel trailer. Unfortunately, the other thing it gave him was a $1000 monthly payment.

After only a couple of years into retirement, my dad’s monthly income just wasn’t enough to cover his bills and trips to Quartzsite every winter. Property values were up, so we refinanced again and took out another $15,000 which lasted for about another year.

I wish I had done a Reverse Mortgage for my dad because with a Reverse he could have:
  • Bought out his siblings
  • Bought the truck and travel trailer
  • Had some extra spending cash?
  • Traveled more frequently
  • Avoided wasting $12,000 a year on a mortgage payment

Many of my clients fear a reverse mortgage because they want to leave the equity in the home to their kids. Having lost both my parents by the age of 33 Let me tell you from experience that your children don’t love you for your money and they won’t remember you because of what you did or did not leave them. They love you for you, and if a Reverse Mortgage will give you the freedom to live easier and visit them more often you should not hesitate to take a serious look at this opportunity. Your time is the greatest gift and legacy you can give.

If you or someone you love needs help with retirement income, call me today to review the options of a HECM Reverse Mortgage.

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