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It’s no secret I firmly believe that St George Utah is America’s Best Place to Live. My family and I moved here just over five years ago. We moved from Cedar City Utah when I took a job working for Patriot Home Mortgage. In the five years we’ve been here we have fallen in love and plan on staying here forever.

I’ve always known about St George. I grew up in Roosevelt Utah on the northeast side of Utah in a place called the Uintah Basin. Since I was in kindergarten I’ve known people or had family that lived in Southern Utah so it’s always been a place I liked to visit. But I never expected to move here and love it so much.

Growth in Southern Utah

Having loved St. George, Santa Clara, and Washington so much I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that so many people are flocking here every year. Our construction industry is booming and new homes are going up everywhere.

Whenever I meet with clients about getting a new Reverse Mortgage I like to explore their back story a little. Things like what they did before they retired, where they’re from, or where they’ve lived before they moved to Southern Utah. It’s always fun to find out the different reasons for ending up here.

A lot of people I work with come from the Wasatch front, places like Salt Lake City, Provo, Logan, or other areas in Northern Utah. A lot come from Las Vegas and Southern California but increasingly I’m getting more and more from eastern states as well. One client this week lived in Chicago all his life and another couple came from New Jersey. When I asked them how they found a small area in Southern Utah, their answers were pretty much the same. They said that as they approached retirement age and began looking for the best places to retire they saw a pattern in various publications and articles which always ranked St George as one of the top places in the country to live. This prompted some research on my part and sure enough, I found several articles talking about the pros of Southern Utah.

Below are the links to some of my favorite articles about why St George Utah is the best place to live:

If you’re considering Southern Utah as your next home I would love to be of service in any way I can. If you need information or connections with people in the area let me know how I can help.

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