I am Southern Utah’s Reverse Mortgage Specialist

I’ve been licensed to do reverse mortgages in as many as 12 states from Oregon to Florida and from California to Maine. I’ve had dozens of clients who I know only by voice. But when I started Heritage Reverse Mortgage I had a desire to be the best at what I do and to offer the best service to my clients. Though I’m confident I could offer superior service to someone in Antarctica, I’ve discovered that there is real power in meeting face to face.

Yesterday I was at the home of a client in Cedar City with Todd Sherman of American First Title. As I drove back to St George I reflected on the experience and it was solidified in my mind that there are real benefits to having a personal touch with my clients. Because Reverse Mortgages are designed for seniors 62 or older there exists a different set of needs on a Reverse Mortgage than a standard mortgage.

These are the benefits of working with a local professional here in Southern Utah:
  1. Mobility/Convenience: Most of my client meetings happen in their homes rather than my office simply because getting around isn’t always easy.
  2. Technology: Some clients aren’t as tech-savvy as modern businesses or they just might not have the equipment at home to work from a distance. So, it’s nice that I can jump in the car and go to them when something is needed.
  3. Clarity: The documents can be overwhelming and confusing at times. I often find myself repeating explanations so it’s nice to sit with someone face to face to see if they understand what I’m explaining.
  4. Accountability: I love the power of a good handshake. I like that people can look me in the eye and see that I mean to do what is in their best interest and keep my promises.

If you are considering a Reverse Mortgage, may I recommend you use a more local professional who you can get to know personally and meet face to face? Whether you’re in St George, Cedar City, Beaver, Fillmore, Richfield, Kanab, or anywhere else in Southern Utah, I am your local Reverse Mortgage Specialist and I would love to take time to get to know you personally as you’re deciding if a Reverse Mortgage is the answer you’re looking for.

Call me today if you or someone you love is considering a Reverse Mortgage in Southern Utah.

Trevor Carlson

President/Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Heritage Reverse Mortgage

435 215 1883



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