Reverse Mortgages do not cause cancer

I remember an experience I had as a child where I was standing in front of the microwave waiting for a hot pocket to cook. Suddenly my aunt yelled at me saying, “don’t stand there the microwave will give you cancer!” As I reflect on it now the experience seems silly to me. My aunt intended to save me from cancer caused by the microwave. But just moments later she watched me eat the hot pocket that had been baked inside the microwave. And of course, it itself was likely full of ingredients that may or may not cause cancer (according to the state of California).

The Microwave Analogy

About a year ago I attended a Reverse Mortgage Conference in San Diego where one of the speakers used this analogy speaking about Reverse Mortgages. She pointed out that “when microwave ovens became popular in the 1960’s they were new and scary to most people. It just didn’t make sense to the normal person how a machine could cook food without fire, therefore it must be dangerous. This form of hesitance is common in human psychology. Anytime we deal with something new and abnormal we tend to fear it at first.” I can’t say whether it’s the microwave or the hot pocket that is more likely to cause cancer, but I do know that today there is a microwave in nearly every home in America. Along with the rest of the developed world for that matter.

The conference speaker went on to explain that like microwaves, Reverse Mortgages are becoming an essential part of retirement planning. People are beginning to see through the fear and misperceptions to really research the benefits of a HECM Reverse Mortgage and determine if it is the tool needed to provide comfortable retirement living. She believes and I agree that just as Microwaves are a natural part of every new home built in America today, Reverse Mortgages within the next decade will become a natural part of nearly every retirement planning conversation.

So the next time you hear someone say something scary about a Reverse Mortgage, you may recommend they do some actual research on the product instead of letting fear of the unknown dictate their conclusions.


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