Reverse Mortgage: Utah, Nevada, Colorado

I am a Specialist in Reverse Mortgages serving Utah, Nevada, and Colorado. I’ve been doing Reverse Mortgages since 2012 and I started my own HECM Reverse Mortgage company in 2016. (Heritage Reverse Mortgage)

I love my clients and I genuinely love knowing that what I do makes a significant improvement for the people I serve.

When a Reverse Mortgage is set up right it has the ability to completely change a person’s financial well-being in retirement. But I’ve found that even when a loan is set up perfectly, questions and even concerns are still inevitable.

These are my top recommendations for choosing a Reverse Mortgage professional so you?ll be happy with your Reverse Mortgage now and long into the future:

Work with someone you’ll be able to reach for years after closing.

I talk to people all the time who did a Reverse Mortgage with a stranger from across the country which at the time might have been fine but now they are so frustrated that they are never able to communicate with someone to get the answers they need.

I have clients all over Utah, Nevada, and Colorado and even though I’ve never actually shaken their hand they know that if they have questions or concerns they can call and get me on the phone to resolve them. In fact, I usually don’t wait for them to call me. One of my favorite things is to call my past clients regularly to check in and see how things are going. I do this because I feel it is a necessary part of being a true advisor and Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

Work with someone who really specializes in HECM Reverse Mortgage

The License to do Reverse Mortgages is the same as the license to do Forward Mortgages. So there are over 500,000 people in the United States who legally could do a Reverse Mortgage for you. But not even .5% of those people understand Reverse Mortgages and they are in the industry.

Make sure you work with a Reverse Mortgage Specialist who does a high volume of Reverse Mortgages and really understands them. Unless your loan officer does a minimum of 2-3 Reverse Mortgages a month they don’t know the product and can’t give you the best possible advice to set your loan upright.

I believe Reverse Mortgages should require a separate license from Regular mortgage licensing but until that happens you’ll need to just do your homework to make sure you work with the right lender.

Work with someone who genuinely cares about you

Yes, there are Mortgage Lenders out there that genuinely care about their clients. I know because I am one. I won’t ever knowingly do anything for my clients that aren’t in their best interest. Like you, I may not be perfect but I believe my role is to make lives better and that is what I seek to do on every transaction I facilitate.

Never work with a professional if you don’t feel they are looking out for your best interests. I promise there are plenty of other professionals out there for you to choose from.

Reverse Mortgage: Utah, Nevada, Colorado

If you’re considering a Reverse Mortgage don’t work with someone who will disappear after your loan closes. Work with someone you can trust to be there many years to come.

I want to be that trusted advisor for you.

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Trevor Carlson

President – Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Heritage Reverse Mortgage


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