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Reverse Mortgage Calculator is a major search phrase when people go online to learn more about a HECM Reverse Mortgage. Of course, people want to know how much money they can qualify for and how much it’s going to cost them.

Last month I had my website guy add a Reverse Mortgage Calculator to our website but to be completely honest, I hate it. Reverse Mortgages aren’t like regular mortgages. You can’t simply enter a few pieces of data and get the best options for your needs. HECMs are an extremely complex mortgage and the information you get by using online mortgage calculators won’t tell you the whole story.

I became a Reverse Mortgage Specialist so I could become a true advisor to my clients. Because I primarily do just one type of mortgage I see a lot of different scenarios and situations and we work hard for our clients to lay a clear path for them to help with their retirement planning. Using an online Reverse Mortgage Calculator isn’t going to give you all the information you need to decide if a HECM Reverse Mortgage is the right thing for you.

Variables that affect your Reverse Mortgage

I work with clients throughout Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. Whether I’m helping people locally in Southern Utah or throughout the states, we lend in I seek to understand the many variables in their lives to give them the best advice possible. Things like:

  • What are your plans for your estate in regards to your inheritance?
  • What other assets and income can you rely on in retirement?
  • Do you have secure retirement investments that are earning you more than the 4%-6% you could get with a Reverse Mortgage?

The point is, a Reverse Mortgage isn’t just about doing away with your mortgage payment. With the right planning and structure your Reverse Mortgage could:

  • Dramatically reduce your monthly obligations
  • Provide you with Tax-Free Reserves
  • Grow your available assets by 4%-6% on average
  • Provide you with flexible options you don’t currently have

If you want my advice; yeah, go ahead and play with our new Reverse Mortgage Calculator but when you’re ready to know what your real options are and how a Reverse Mortgage is really going to benefit your life, please call me. I’ll be your Reverse Mortgage Calculator and I promise the information you get from me will be a lot easier to understand and more applicable to your specific situation.

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Trevor Carlson

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