Mesquite Nevada

There is a beautiful little retirement community located on I-15 between Las Vegas Nevada and St George Utah called Mesquite Nevada. Although Mesquite is in Nevada it is 82 miles from Las Vegas and only 39 from St George. Because of this geographical placement, I’ve long viewed Mesquite as a piece of Southern Utah.

Saint George acts as a central hub of Southern Utah and the surrounding cities which include Cedar City Utah on the north, Kanab Utah on the East, and Mesquite Nevada on the southwest. Though each of these cities is growing rapidly and have their own amenities, St George is still the place where many people in Southern Utah go for shopping and entertainment.

Retiring in Mesquite

Mesquite is primarily known as a retirement community and has the amenities to support that. The city received its official Incorporation just 34 years ago in 1984 and currently has roughly 17,000 residents. At one point the city was dubbed the fastest growing city in America for its size.

Mesquite is an attractive place to live for many seniors because of its comfortable size, moderate climate, and amenities. Within the Mesquite city limits are 8 full-service Golf Courses. Compare that to the Cedar City area which has just one golf course serving over 40,000 residents. Or St George and Hurricane areas which have 13 golf courses serving nearly 150,000 residents. For this reason, you can see why so many golf lovers are retiring to Mesquite.

In addition to Golf Mesquite has a variety of Resorts, spas, casinos, and restaurants.

Earlier this year I licensed myself and Heritage Reverse Mortgage in the State of Nevada to serve the residents of Mesquite. We are currently licensed in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado and I have Reverse Mortgage clients as far away as Reno Nevada, Denver Colorado, Boulder Colorado, and Logan Utah but I love the personal touch of meeting with my clients face to face as they consider doing a HECM and that’s really only possible when I work with people who live somewhere between Cedar City and Mesquite.


If you’re looking for a great place to retire I highly recommend you put Saint George Utah and Mesquite Nevada on your list of places to explore and if you’d like to see how a HECM Reverse Mortgage could help you in this transition please watch our new video on Youtube about Reverse Mortgage Facts and Strategies.

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