Retirement is becoming more and more unaffordable every year. The spike of inflation post
covid has brought many retirement budgets to their knees and we’re finding more and more
seniors forced to go back to work after retiring.

We specialize in helping people live better

We specialize in Home Equity Conversion Mortgages to help people tap into their largest asset.
HECM’s allow homeowners the stability of homeownership but the freedom and flexibility of
drawing funds from their equity and avoiding monthly mortgage payments. The HECM does
require the homeowner to continue paying basic property expenses like taxes and insurance.

Another helpful recourse

Retirees have so much to worry about. Healthcare, Transportation, Family, Finances, and the
list goes on. It can be utterly overwhelming at times.
An extremely helpful resource we’ve discovered and recommended to many of our clients is

What is 211

Dialing 211 connects you to a free telephone service that provides helpful information about
health and human services in your community. Below are some of the primary resources
available through 211.

Housing and Homelessness

Housing is a critical issue for Retirees and a major contributor to health and well-being.
Whether they need help finding affordable housing or are at risk of homelessness, 211 can
connect them with resources such as:
 Rental assistance programs
 Emergency shelter services
 Home repair and modification programs
 Senior living communities

Healthcare and Mental Health Services

As we age, our healthcare needs become more complex, and it can be challenging to navigate
the healthcare system. 211 can connect seniors with a variety of healthcare and mental health
services, such as:

 Medicaid and Medicare enrollment assistance
 Prescription drug assistance programs
 Transportation to medical appointments
 Counseling and support groups

Nutrition and Food Assistance

Accessing nutritious food on a tight budget can become a major obstacle, either due to physical
or financial limitations. 211 can help connect with resources such as:
 Meal delivery programs
 Food pantries and distribution centers
 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) enrollment assistance
 Farmers’ market voucher programs


Transportation and limited mobility can be a significant barriers to accessing essential services
and normal day to day activities. 211 can connect seniors with transportation resources such
 Public transportation options
 Volunteer driver programs
 Rideshare services
 Taxi and car services for seniors


Utilizing 211 on a regular basis can take much of the burden out of retirement. These programs
are designed to help people live better and should be used to the fullest.
211 can help seniors live independently and maintain their quality of life. If you or a loved one
over 62 needs assistance, consider reaching out to 211 today to see how they can help. It’s free,
it’s confidential and it could be exactly what is needed.

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