Serving More People in California

A Reverse Mortgage is a life-changing event. Our past clients often refer friends and family to us. Therefore, it’s something people want to share with those they care about. Our clients know from experience that we’ll take care of their relations and fit them with the best mortgage available. In the past, many of our client referrals were from California which until recently we weren’t able to help.

Finally, in 2021 we licensed Heritage Reverse Mortgage in California to be able to help more people. Also because a Reverse Mortgage in California is becoming very common. In fact, Californians more than most states have realized the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage to live better in retirement.

The Rising Cost of Living

Reverse Mortgages are a powerful tool to help adjust to the rising costs of living. California is an excellent example of how the rising costs of living can really cause havoc after retirement.

Fortunately, the high property values in California benefit homeowners. Especially those who love their homes and want to age in place. By using a Reverse Mortgage they can offset the high cost of living with the high property values. If you live in California and love your home a Reverse Mortgage would be an excellent way to live better.

Call us for more information on a Reverse Mortgage in California. Our team will take excellent care of you to help you make the right decision.

Trevor Carlson

President – Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Heritage Reverse Mortgage


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