Heber City: One of Utah’s Best Cities

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I am a mortgage broker that specializes in Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, aka HECMs or Reverse Mortgages as you’ve likely heard them called. In 2016 I opened my own mortgage brokerage and named it Heritage Home Loans, dba Heritage Reverse Mortgage.? We specialize in Reverse Mortgages but offer all of the other primary mortgage products such as VA, FHA, Conventional, and Jumbo Home Mortgages.

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Best Cities Article Series

My family and I live in St George which is considered Southern Utah for most people in Utah. St George is 120 miles northeast of Las Vegas and about 300 miles south of Salt Lake City.

I believe St. George is the greatest city in the world. For me, there is no other place I’d rather live, raise a family, and eventually enjoy retirement. However, I’ve made a habit of asking clients outside of Southern Utah what they like about their city and I’ve learned there are some incredible places all over Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

This Article is part of a series I write to highlight some of the extraordinary places in various parts of the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Reno and the Wasatch Front to Las Vegas.

My Article today focuses on Heber City Utah

As I sat down to write today, Heber City was the first city to come to mind. I thought of Heber because a few months ago I took a train trip with my son Devon. Devon loves Trains so for his fifth birthday we traveled the state looking for Trains to ride. Our search naturally brought us to Wasatch County and the Heber Valley.

What’s great about Heber City?

Things to do:
  • Heber Valley Railroad – (or The Heber Creeper as it’s also known) is a small rail line that runs from Heber City through Provo Canyon. The railroad opened in 1899 to transport cattle, sheep, and passengers from Heber City to Provo. Today, however, the line is run exclusively for tourist excursions. Devon and I loved every minute of our ride as we got to see the fall colors of the Wasatch Mountains over Jordanelle Reservoir.
  • Dairy Keen – Following our train ride we went to a popular local restaurant that embraces the Train theme and had a delicious Burger and Shakes.
  • Nearby – The city itself still feels small and quaint with a population under 20,000. But the city sits in a loop that connects Heber City with Park City, Salt Lake City, and Provo. Because of these connections, residents in Heber get the small-town feel with the big city entertainment. Everything from World Class Ski Resorts, professional sports, and high-class entertainment are less than an hour away.
The Beauty:
  • Views – My favorite part about Heber Valley is the views. I live in Southern Utah and I love red rock and warm weather but I can’t deny the majestic beauty of the Wasatch mountains from the Heber Valley. The steep snow-capped ridges always remind me of the Swiss Alps.
  • Seasons – To enhance the natural geography are the natural colors of each season. Spring brings an abundance of wildflowers everywhere you look. Summer covers the mountains in a deep green. Fall changes everything to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows and winter are a beautiful white as the area gets plenty of snow.

I hope you’ve liked these highlights of Heber City Utah. If you’re ok with snowy winters this could be a city you’d love to live in. These are some of the other pictures from our trip.


Riding the Heber Creeper over Jordanelle

heber Valley Utah

Heber Valley Colors

Heber Creeper

The Heber Creeper

Dairy Keen

Dairy Keen

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