Reverse Mortgage Info — Financial Freedom in 2018

It’s hard to believe we’ve already come to a new year and like every other new year, most people are asking themselves how they’ll experience more financial freedom in 2018. If you’re 62 years or older and have retired or are maybe looking for a way to retire soon this might be the year for you to learn the Reverse Mortgage Facts. As well as how a HECM Reverse could change your life.

According to NRMLA?(National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association), HUD endorses roughly 4,000-5,000 Reverse Mortgages across the United States every month (See data here). That’s 4,000-5,000 households who are enjoying greater financial freedom by using their home equity to:

  • Pay off their current mortgage and eliminate their monthly payment
  • Supplement their fixed Income
  • Access Cash Reserves in times of need
  • Consolidate other debts
  • Take that dream Vacation
  • Pay for Medical expenses that insurance won’t cover
  • Live a freer and fuller life

With a Reverse Mortgage, you could experience the same benefits by reducing your responsibility going forward to just paying your taxes, insurance, HOA, and other property expenses.

How would it feel to have immediate access to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars through the HECM Line of Credit or to eliminate $10k-$20k a year from your expenses by eliminating your monthly mortgage payment?


For the right person, a Reverse Mortgage truly could mean financial freedom in 2018. If you have questions or concerns about how a HECM Reverse would impact your finances give us a call, we’re happy to give you the Reverse Info you need so you can make an educated decision about your future.

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Trevor Carlson

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