Explore Southern Utah in 2017 July

July was an incredible month to explore Southern Utah but full disclosure I’m also including a trip to Southern California.

My wife and I began the month with a 10th anniversary trip to Southern California. On our getaway, we visited Pacific Pier in Santa Monica, the famous Venice Beach, and finished our trip to Los Angeles with our first MLB game at Dodger Stadium on the 4th of July.

Venice Beach Pacific Pier

Dodger Murial Fireworks at the Dodger Game Dodger Game Dodger game with my hot Date

Six Flags in Valencia CA

On July 5th we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California. I don’t know if all theme parks are dead on the 5th of July but if you’re planning on going to Six Flags this is the day to do it. Lines were minimal and we were able to hit every ride we wanted by about 3 pm. But truth be told, our leaving the park at 3 pm was actually because our bodies physically couldn’t handle another insane roller coaster. After nearly passing out on a half dozen rides we decided to call it quits and never return until we have teenagers.

Superman Six Flags Bat car

Hiking in Pioneer Park in St. George UT

Before picking up our kids we spent the morning in St George doing a hike that is within City Limits. Pioneer Park in St George is known for the Dixie Rock but it also houses an excellent slot canyon. I don’t know the official name but I’ve heard it called “Fat Man’s Misery”, which I can tell you from experience is a name it lives up to. My first attempt to get through failed and only after the peer pressure of my wife going first was I able to successfully make it through myself. Be careful if you do this canyon, it is very tight and requires small breaths and lots of weird yoga-type moves with your body to make it through. But it is a very cool experience. The other pictures below show the views from the park and an old pioneer house build into the rock caverns.

Pioneer Park Slot Canyon at Pioneer park slot canyon slot canyon st george

Camping near Enterprise Reservoir

Later in July, we took the kids camping near Enterprise Reservoir at a place called honeycomb rocks. The kids loved it there. Aside from there being a lake with good fishing, there are a ton of rocks to climb and jump on. We also brought some jumbo marshmallows for roasting which was probably Devon’s favorite part.

Honeycomb Rock Building a fire Honeycomb Rock Campground Jumbo Marshmallow Enterprise Resevoir


We’ve been told for years that if you make a trip through Veyo which is on the way to Enterprise you must stop for a Veyo Pie.

Veyo Pies

Thunder Junction Park

One Saturday Aimee needed a break so I took the kids to Thunder Junction park. I’ve written about this before but it is really a fantastic park and deserves mention again. Just do yourself a favor and don’t go at 2:00 in the afternoon in July, It is pretty hot.

Thunder Junction Thunder Junction Thunder Junction

Leeds UT

One of July’s weekends was dedicated to the boy scouts. We took our local scout troop to Red Cliffs which is above Leads Utah. This is a hike you need to time just right. Early Spring is great because the show runoff from Pine Valley mountain creates a very cooling spring down the canyon which is great to wade through and even swim in a couple of parts. Going in July was fun because the spring was bone dry.

Red Cliffs Trail to Red Cliffs Red Cliffs Trail

Kolob Reservoir in Cedar City UT

If all that wasn’t enough we finished the month off with a family reunion on Cedar Mountain near Kolob Reservoir. Kolob Reservoir is a pretty quick drive from St George through some of the most beautiful scenery in Southern Utah. To get there you go through Hurricane as if you’re on your way to Springdale and Zion National park but take a left at Virgin and drive up the canyon. The temperature is about 20 degrees cooler than St George and it is a great place for fishing, canoeing, and riding ATVs.

Canoeing at Kolob Side by Side Canoeing at Kolob Resevoir Kolob Resevoir Kolob Resevoir

There are an endless amount of things to do in Southern Utah which is why so many people fall in love when they visit.

If you or someone you love is looking to relocate to the greatest city in America, give us a call.

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