Explore Southern Utah in 2017

Video taken at the mouth of Cedar Canyon in Cedar City Utah

Explore Southern Utah in 2017

A man named Fred from Southern Utah once dreamed of traveling to New York City. He wanted to visit the incredible sites and places he’d seen in pictures and on TV. Places like the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and the empire state building. After retiring he resolved this was the year to realize his dream and indeed he did. After months of planning, he boarded a plane to visit the Big Apple. His heart sang as his plane began its descent over New York bringing the incredible landmarks into view.

After de-boarding the plane he almost ran to collect his bags and jump in a taxi. The cab driver could see right away the excitement in Fred’s face and asked him what had him so animated. Fred explained he had dreamed his whole life of visiting New York and couldn’t wait to see everything. Fred began peppering the cab driver with questions about everything he was going to see. The driver finally responded, “You know I’ve lived in New York for over 20 years but I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty, atop the Empire State building, or seen a single Broadway play.” “What a terrible shame,” Fred thought as the two of them fell silent.

After a moment the driver asked Fred where he was from. Fred told him he had grown up in Southern Utah just over the border from Arizona. With a flash of excitement, the driver said that since he was a little boy he had dreamed of hiking the Grand Canyon and seeing the beauty of the red rock formations of one of the seven wonders of the world. “Tell me what it’s like to view the walls of the Grand Canyon at sunrise,” the driver asked. To which Fred confessed that in all of his 65 years he had never driven the two hours from his home to see the Grand Canyon.

Setting goals to see the world

At the end of 2016, my wife and I sat down to discuss our goals for the new year. One of the things of course was what vacations we would take and where we would go as a family. Because we have four small children we’ve learned that extensive long-distance trips sometimes can be more hassle than they are worth, so we began talking about other options.

One conclusion we came to is that instead of focusing on major trips to foreign lands or even just out of state we should do a better job exploring what’s right in our own back yard. And that is how our Goal to explore Southern Utah in 2017 was born.

The goal is that every month we will visit a minimum of one new place within 100 miles of our home in Washington Utah. We’re only three months into this little experiment but already I’ve been blown away at the sheer number of incredible places to visit in St George, Cedar City, and the surrounding areas.

Over the next year as we make new discoveries and even revisit old discoveries of awesome things to do in Southern Utah I will document our adventures as evidence to support my claim that St George Utah truly is the greatest place on earth to live.

I hope you find value in these articles and please leave me any comments of things you liked or places you’ve been that we should try.

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